Fresh Water

The reason for life or death

Lack of fresh water is a major challenge for many children in South Africa so it is not surprising that hygiene is not priority. It is also the main reason for communicable diseases; diseases which could be avoided if people were more informed about the importance of hygiene and if the water supply were more reliable.

Even in this day and age there are people who die from diseases that could be avoided. Star for Life are educating children about the need for better hygiene. They learn, early on, the importance of using soap and a toothbrush. This lessons lands well with the children but their parent can’t afford to buy even the most basic hygiene products. But together we can change that – with Sparks & Spender.



Empowerment: Access to clean water enables people to develop.

Health & Hygiene: Clean water brings new behaviors that promote better conditions and minimize communicable diseases. This provides continuity for the children who stay healthy and attend school every day.

Social development: A community with water and plumbing will develop faster than one without. This is crucial for a better and healthier way of life.