Sometimes you forget how easily an accessory can change the whole atmosphere of a room! A glorious piece of textile excellence.

Absorption Exfoliator

Unfold your next favorite home textile gem. This uniquely designed absorption exfoliator is made in an ultra-square functionality shape. Woven with a well proven fabric technology which removes moisture in an impressive way. Its smooth touch on your face will give a feeling of novelty and unequalled sensation. The super certified exfoliating feature has years of proven qualities giving your skin a new glow. The Soft & Smooth Absorption Exfoliator comes in a unique and limited snow crystal arctic night fading moonlight white. A perfect match with all currently trending interior decorating concepts.

  • Quick-n-Dry moisture removing technology
  • Lightweight and super foldable fabric
  • Interior design concept compatible
  • This towel prevents the spread of diseases and infections.

  • A towel is an important step for maintaining good hygiene because it helps to remove moisture from the skin’s surface, which can harbor bacteria and germs.

  • The friction created by rubbing the towel against your skin helps to remove any bacteria that may be left on your hands.

  • This towel can easily be washed and used again.

  • Providing an actual towel for the children encourages hygiene and healthier habits.