This fantastic little bar totally saved me. It may just be the most unfamiliar sensation I have ever had on my hands! Can’t wait for it to run out, so I can get another one!

S.O.S. Rescue Soap

With the latest super lather non-foaming technology our S.O.S Rescue Soap saves your complexion as well as your soul. Your skin is revitalized and the magical sensation you experience when pampering yourself with this uniquely designed care product is amazing. It is 100 % fragrance free, but at the same time comes with a distinct scent of cleanliness. Enjoy the easy applicating feature and notice all the inherent goodness, giving you that luxurious feeling. Fully guaranteed and pro-ageing certified.

  • XP Empower Bar Technology
  • Life Saver Skin Formula
  • Multiple Application Qualifier
  • This bar of soap prevents the spread of diseases and infections.

  • Handwashing with soap reduces the transmission of harmful germs and bacteria that can cause diarrhea, pneumonia, and skin infections.

  • In areas where access to clean water is limited, soap is especially effective in reducing the risk of waterborne diseases.

  • Teaching children about the importance of hand washing with soap contributes to better hygiene and health. It may also prevent fatal diseases.

  • Providing an actual bar of soap prevents illness and saves lives.