About Sparks & Spender

A different kind of charity

Some have a million choices, others have none

While we can choose between soft or medium, purple or green, with or without a whitening feature, children and young people in southern Africa don’t have that choice. And that’s how it is with most basic hygiene products. The need is there but not the products, nor the money. The lack of these necessities has widespread negative consequences, often leading to illness and sometimes even mortality.

Sparks & Spender was born when we realized that it is just as bizarre to have a million choices as it is to have none.

Be aware and show you care

We want to create an awareness of these needs and challenges and at the same time raise as much money as we can. All funds raised will go directly to the non-profit organization Star for Life and their work with children and young people in southern Africa. They have been on the ground in southern Africa for over 17 years and they know exactly where the money comes to best use. You can help them make a difference by spending money on something you already have plenty of. And spreading the word to friends and family.

Challenges you don’t face every day

Fresh water, soap and clean towels in your bathroom at home, at work or in school are things we take for granted. But how would you feel  if we took away, the water, the soap and the towel? Not for an hour or a few days but forever. Can you see the challenge? Then one day someone takes away the toilet as well. Now that would be a game changer. How would you handle these challenges, how would your needs change? Below you can read more about the challenges that young people in southern Africa face every day.

The Patron

The Danir Group, owned by the Dan Olofsson family, is responsible for the Expect a Better Tomorrow Foundation and handles all the costs of running the initiative. This means that every penny you donate goes to the beneficiary. The Danir Group guarantees that all funds collected go to the cause.