I can truly say that this is the first time that my teeth have ever felt this clean and my smile so bright!

Arctic White Sensitive+++

Sense the cold arctic morning with sparkling blue skies and white expanses stretching for miles towards the horizon. It’s crisp! It’s fresh! It’s bright! It’s the release of Arctic White Sensitive+++. This is our long-awaited, game-changing, maybe even life-changing, refreshing and invigorating oral care product. It’s the homecoming of the arctic queen who will give a totally new meaning to your gums, teeth, and morning mood. Give yourself a gift. You are worth it.

  • Micro Finish Granulate Technology
  • Aurora Borealis Colloidal Formula
  • Ultra Clean Triple Sensitive Approved
  • Prevents tooth decay and related infections, which in some cases can lead to pain, difficulty eating, and other health problems.

  • Brushing teeth regularly improves oral hygiene and contributes to better overall health and self-esteem.

  • Improved dental hygiene saves money for families on expensive dental care.

  • Providing children with toothpaste promotes good oral hygiene habits and help them take ownership of their health and hygiene.