For better confidence and education

Many of the girls in South Africa stay home from school when they have their period. The reasons vary but the most common is that they can’t afford to buy sanitary pads, tampons etc. Even if they can afford protection they may go to a school without toilets where they can change their sanitary wear during the day. This results in the girls missing lessons and exams and falling behind in their education. Girls already face more cultural and social challenges than boys and they need every hour of their education.

Star for Life distribute practical and sustainable menstrual protection suited to the girls’ situation; mainly washable period pants and menstrual cups. These options are practical and hygienic alternatives even when there are no toilets and can be used through an entire school day.



Girl empowerment: The distribution of menstrual protection sends a clear signal to girls that they are valued and needed in school. And that education is a good thing.

Ambition and confidence: This gives the girls a chance to keep up their schoolwork, achieve their goals and gain better control over their future.

Social development: Taking girls education seriously send an important message to the community, giving a sense of development to the region.