I love the way this product makes such a big impact on my appearance without being visible! It is truly doing a great job without anyone knowing.

Coupe Le Mois

This amazing hidden gem gives you that extra glow and confidence. ReUse Technology 3.6 makes this stylish accessory perfect for any mood and for any outfit. May we be so bold as to say it goes with everything! From stay-at-home leisure wear to evening dress or even that gala gown.

  • ReUse Technology 3.6
  • Advanced Medical Grade Doctor Approved
  • Proper Method System
  • Girls in South Africa can avoid using unhygienic materials such as old clothes, rags, and even newspapers.

  • It works a whole day in school.

  • It is reusable, easy to keep clean and lasts up to five years.

  • With access to practical and hygienic menstrual protection products the girls can go to school even when they have their period.

  • Giving girls in South Africa menstrual protection products gives them access to all their education.