With this well-designed, versatile, sustainable and functional lamp, I can complete my personal style and interior design vision.

Solar Plex Luxory Light

Introducing the perfect fusion of sustainability, style, design and functionality - the Solar Plexus Luxory Light! This soon to be iconic lamp is the popular choice for those seeking a high-quality lighting solution that elevates its aesthetic appeal as well as giving ample light. This pearl of a lamp is designed to meet your needs for both form and function. Whether you're looking to light up your workspace, reading nook, or living room, the SPLL is a versatile and practical solution available in a unique one-color range.

  • Wireless Solar Powered
  • Advanced Kelvin Graded Light Technology
  • Empowering Light System
  • A solar-powered lamp is invaluable for school children in rural South Africa, where many families don’t have electricity at home.

  • Good alternative to the unstable electric grid for those who do have electricity.

  • This lamp provides a reliable source of light, enabling children to continue their studies after sunset and improve their educational outcomes.

  • It can also provide a sense of security when walking to and from school in the darker months.